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“The Greatest Inspirations” is dedicated to motivating young adults through inspiration. Motivating, when it’s needed the most to assist young adults, as they become successful professionals. This website intends to provide success stories, encouragement and a message solution to those in need of inspirational post along their journeys to mastery. The Greatest Inspirations viewers are encouraged to reach out, receive professional help and become proficient interviewees to advance in their career field.

Young professional adults often experience rough times transitioning from school to work. With a little coaching, taking control over your career can be a lot easier than it may seem. According to David Smith, career success can be made easy. David is the president of Career Success Made Easy, a career services firm that assists with career advancement for those seeking help. His online website is also titled Career Success Made Easy; the website includes many articles that give great advice on how to advance in your area of interest.

After reviewing the site it’s obvious that while transitioning from school to work it’s important to understand that many others are looking for the same jobs you are. David Smith states that the interview process and how you perform is very important. Resume writing, interview coaching, job search strategies, body language signals, vocal presence training and social media profiles were a few of the topics discussed on preparation for the interview process.

Below are tips from The Career Success Made Easy website. These tips can assist in making your very own career a success.

Resume Writing

Your resume is always a first impression and can determine if you get the interview. Resumes must be professionally written and make powerful statements that leap off the page to show case your accomplishments.

Interview Coaching

David Smith said “Demonstrating that you are calm, confident and well organized are important keys to being successful in any interview.” According to his website, the most intimidating part of the interview is being asked questions. Make sure your communication skills are great. Present yourself as competent, personable, and professional. Go over sentence structure and make impact statements to highlight achievements. Master your body language, tone, vocal presence and nonverbal communication.

Job Search Strategies

Located under the job search strategies section on the website are many strategies that can be used as a guide while searching for your dream job. Employees at David Smith’s firm can also assist with finding different strategies if you need help. Below are just a few to help you get started.

Job Search Strategies include:

1. Receiving advice from a human resource expert with more than 15 years of experience

2. Receiving guidance on beating the competition by accessing the hidden job market

3. Presenting yourself professionally online

Body Language Signals

Mr. Smith mentioned that “In the business world, people tend to trust what they see even more than what they hear”. According to the website, body language is more important than what we actually say. When using non-verbal communication, excellent gestures, eye contact, and posture should be used during the interview progress. Body language signals are used to quickly form a first impression.

Vocal Presence Training

Mr. Smith also said “Your success depends not only on what you say at the interview, but the way you say it”. In the interview striking the right tone can make the difference between getting your dream job. According to the article on vocal training, interviews are more likely to be impressed by a candidate who not only gives the best answers and ask questions, but who also sounds articulate, confident and enthusiastic.

Social Media Profiles

Always remember to keep your social media accounts professional. Employers are using social recruiting and checking on-line profiles for employment.

For more detailed information on the interview process or about The Career Success Made Easy program or website, you can contact Mr. Smith by phone: (770) 384-7863 or
Email: info@careersuccessmadeeasy.com

Source: linkedin.com

The cool infographic above shows what the biggest problem is as well as other issues for some candidates during an interview.


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