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Succeeding In The Work Place

Succeeding In The Work Place from Ashley Singletary on Vimeo.

Sebrena Wells, a 911 Shift Supervisor has been dispatching for Clarendon County Emergency Services for 13 years. In a recent interview she stated that she started as a telecommunications officer back in 2003 and became supervisor in 2007. She has an Associates of Arts Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Service Management and a Master of Science Degree in Public Safety specializing in Emergency Management.

On March 19, 2016 Sebrina gave tips on how to succeed in the work place. She was able to give tips on success by providing information as an experienced supervisor. In the above audio she mentioned just a few but had a lot of information on success in the work place. Topics that she elaborated on included, sticking to your work schedule, following the rules while at work, displaying positive attitudes, dressing appropriately and professionalism.

Latrice nelson, also a 911 dispatcher has been working for Clarendon County Emergency Services for two years. According to Nelson, she assists with on the job training and is a senior dispatcher. Latrice said that succeeding in the work place consist of time management, goal setting and leadership skills. While explaining why these elements are important she said “In 911 communications my co-workers and I work 12 hour shifts. We have a lot of work to complete while answering the  radio and dispatching officers.” She stated that in any work environment planning and having control over the amount of time spent on different activities is effective in managing your time.

For more information on succeeding in the work place you can contact Sebrena Wells at or Latrice Nelson @

Historic South Carolina Flooding, Three Months Later At Swan Lake Iris Gardens

Historic South Carolina Flooding, Three Months Later At Swan Lake Iris Gardens

During the weekend of Oct. 3, 2015, South Carolina experienced a flooding that affected communities statewide. Located in Sumter, South Carolina is Swan Lake Iris Gardens. According to The City of Sumter, this park is the most visited park in town and is best know for its floral attractions. The park was forced to close after the flooding due to hazardous conditions.

It’s now exactly three months after the flooding took place. After researching, taking a look at the property and capturing images, the park is making progress. However, the garden area looks as if all flowers have been completely washed away. The fence around the park has been damaged and is currently being worked on. Some of the trails have been washed away and the water level is lower than normal.

Each month, Swan Lake hosts a list of activities that are open to the community. When not hosting, space is rented out to the public for use of the property. Rental facilities are not available at this time. 500,000 people or more every year visits the park. This number includes visitors from across the state and other countries. Swan Lake Iris Gardens has even been featured in Southern Living and Better Home Gardens according to The City of Sumter’s website.

Limited access is permitted to visitors at this time. The main fair way, also known, as the lawn area is open now. The playground, trails, gazebo and a few other areas are open as well. Reconstruction is taking place to get the park open in all areas.

For more information about Swan Lake Iris Gardens or to simply speak with a park employee, you can take a look at You can also contact Swan Lake Visitors Center at (803) 436-2640.

Below are a few pictures that were captured three months after the flooding.

"The entrance gate to the garden area at Swan Lake is closed and will remain closed for now. The Iris Garden is not open to the public due to damages from the South Carolina Flooding that occured the weekend of Oct. 3, 2015. The city leaders of Sumter said that some areas of the park remain inaccessible due to continued hazardous conditions. (Photo by: Ashley M. Singletary/ Full Sail University)."
“The entrance gate to the garden area at Swan Lake is closed and will remain closed for now. The Iris Garden is not open to the public due to damages from the South Carolina Flooding that occured the weekend of Oct. 3, 2015. The city leaders of Sumter said that some areas of the park remain inaccessible due to continued hazardous conditions. (Photo by: Ashley M. Singletary).”
The view of this fence is located all around the Swan Lake Iris Gardens. It's currently under construction. This image, taken by a HD Sony HandyCam, shows what the fence originally looked like and the process of rebuilding just three months after being destroyed by the South Carolina flooding on Oct.3, 2015. (Photo by: Ashley M. Singletary/ Full Sail University)."
The view of this fence is located all around the Swan Lake Iris Gardens. It’s currently under construction. This image, taken by a HD Sony HandyCam, shows what the fence originally looked like and the process of rebuilding just three months after being destroyed by the South Carolina flooding on Oct.3, 2015. (Photo by: Ashley M. Singletary).”
"Swan Lake Iris Gardens(Oct. 3, 2015) During this weekend, Swan Lake in Sumter South Carolina, was effected by a flooding that damaged different locations inside the park. City leaders said that parts of the park will remain closed at this time. Aareas that opened after the flood include: The Bland Gardens, trails, boardwalk areas, the gazebo and play ground (Photo by: Ashley M. Singletary/ Full Sail University)."
“Swan Lake Iris Garedens (Oct. 3, 2015) During this weekend, Swan Lake in Sumter South Carolina, was effected by a flooding that damaged different locations inside the park. City leaders said that parts of the park will remain closed at this time. Areas that opened after the flood include: The Bland Gardens, trails, boardwalk areas, the gazebo and play ground (Photo by: Ashley M. Singletary).”
After the South Carolina Flooding (Oct. 3, 2015) Certain areas that were closed to the public are now open to visitors. It's now three months after the flood and repairs to the park are taking place. The location of this image is at the main fairway, also know as the lawn area. Wildlife is located along the lawn and pathway areas (Photo Credit: Ashley M. Singletary/ Full Sail University)."
After the South Carolina Flooding (Oct. 3, 2015) Certain areas that were closed to the public are now open to visitors. It’s now three months after the flood and repairs to the park are taking place. The location of this image is at the main fairway, also know as the lawn area. Wildlife is located along the lawn and pathway areas (Photo Credit: Ashley M. Singletary).”

Attendance Is Important Too

Attendance Is Important Too

From The Author

Showing up for class is just as important as showing up for a job. Young adults must practice now for their future. My website if focused on motivating and encouraging young adults in every way possible. Attendance will be an important factor in one’s career.

Mary Adger, a former substitute teacher for Clarendon County who served for years, agreed to discuss the importance of attendance in schools. She was first asked to explain why attendance in grade school students important is important. She stated that attendance is important because students are more likely to succeed in academics when they attend school on a regular basis. She said students who are consistently absent make it very hard for teachers to teach their students skills so that they can progress and continue to learn new material.

Below is the S.C. Code of Laws: Section 59-65-90 Rules & Regulation
The State Board of Education shall establish regulations defining lawful and unlawful absences beyond those specifically named in this article and additional regulations as are necessary for the orderly enrollment of pupils so as to provide for uniform dates of entrance. These regulations shall require: (1) that school officials shall immediately intervene to encourage the student’s future attendance when the student has three consecutive unlawful absences or a total of five unlawful absences and (2) that the district board of trustees or its designee shall promptly approve or disapprove any student absence in excess of ten days. As used in this section, “intervene” means to identify the reasons for the child’s continued absence and to develop a plan in conjunction with the student and his parent or guardian to improve his future attendance.

Provided, However, That nothing within this section shall interfere with the Board’s authority to at any time refer a child to a truancy prevention program or to the court pursuant to Section 59-65-50.

Mrs. Adger was asked if she agreed with section 59-65-90 of the S.C. Code of Laws. She said, “Absolutely, action must be taken for those students who have too many unlawful absences”. She agreed that those students need encouragement and an action plan to help improve their attendance. Mary explained that learning is a progressive activity and that each day an assignment builds upon those of the previous day. “As a former substitute teacher, I can assure you that regular student participation in daily activities can play an important role in a student’s success.”

After discussing why she agreed with the law on attendance in school, Mrs. Adger was asked to provide information on how students can benefit from attending school versus those who have frequent absences. She replied, “Working in a public school allowed me to see students benefit from great attendance all the time.” She said students with good attendance usually achieve higher grades and love school. She added that students with a regular attendance routine seemed to develop other responsible behaviors. Mary went on to explain that those with poor attendance usually are not able to keep up with school work and that these students usually have lower grades.

Section 59-65-260 of the S.C Code of Laws talks about the duties of attendance supervisors relating to non-attending children. This section also discusses how the attendance supervisor works to get parents involved in motivating and persuading young adults to attend school. Mrs. Adger was asked to explain from her experience what parents could do to help. She said that parents must make sure their children go to school regularly, is on time and understand that their parents don’t approve frequent absences. Lastly, she mentioned that if days are missed, the parent is responsible for making sure the work is picked up from the teacher and is completed.

Theresa Gibson, is a local citizen of Clarendon County. She has a daughter that is currently attending public schools in this county. She was asked to give advice on the importance of school attendance. “It’s important for students to know that having a good education will help them get the best possible start in life.” She mentioned that when she was a student she learned things that she now uses as an adult. She said that potential job employers want employees who are going to attend work regularly.

For more information Mary Adger can be contacted @ (803)-473-7399. Theresa Gibson @ (803) 485-5500

The infographic below is a visual of how schools can improve attendance

The infographic below shows the impact attendance has on students

Career Counseling

From The Author

Deciding on a career path can be a challenge for some. If you’re in college trying to figure out what you should major in or simply trying to figure out what to do after graduation, career counseling could help improve your situation. As young professional adults, we can use guidance when making educational and career decisions.

Career Counseling

Career counseling, is a process that will help you know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make career, educational and life decisions. Career development is more than just deciding on a major and what job you want to get when you graduate.
Latrice Nelson, a local citizen of Clarendon County, has held a Bachelors of Social Sciences Degree in Sociology for several years. She was asked to explain why career counseling is important and what particular group of people need this type of help.

Mrs. Nelson said “Career counseling is career guidance that helps with selecting, switching or leaving a career. Career guidance is available at any stage in life.” She stated that a person’s career is important when entering adulthood and that career challenges can influence other areas of life which can cause stress. Nelson also said that counseling can help with shaping and discussing career options.
When asked to discuss a particular group who normally needs this type of help Nelson said “Everyone needs career counseling and it doesn’t always have to be professional counseling.” She explained that everyone is on their own career level and career development is a process that lasts a lifetime. “One may need assistance with making quick decisions; while others need help making future decisions.” She used the example of how college students need career counseling on what classes to take immediately where as long time graduates working in their career fields for years need help choosing another career.

Lastly, she advised all young adults to seek professional career counseling to insure a successful career.
For more detailed information Mrs. Nelson can be contacted by phone @ (803)4737528. For more detailed information on career counseling or contacting a professional counselor check out the link below.

What is Career Counseling?

Boise State University has a website that is devoted to career development. This website agrees with the information Latrice Nelson provided. However, it also explains that career development is more than making decisions on what to school for or the type of job one will get after graduating from school. The website states that the main goal of career counseling is not only to help someone make decisions on a right now basis but to also give knowledge and skills needed to help make future career and life decisions.

Check out the infographic below: In this infographic are facilities where professional career counselors will most likely be located. If you’re in need of professional help check the nearest locations near you.

Source: Counseling Psychology

How To Set Realistic Goals

How To Set Realistic Goals

Sunday, December 6, 2015 Mary Adger, the Administrative Service Coordinator for the city of Manning, sat down to discuss realistic goals. Setting goals is how she made her dream come true. She said setting the goals and achieving them is how she became a successful professional. Mary was specifically asked to explain to young adults how to set realistic goals.
Mrs. Adger said, first you must make a decision on exactly what you want and translate that into something you would actually like to accomplish. “Be specific, in order to make that goal specific you need to clarify what you need to do in order to achieve it.” She said do some research. Find out what skills you should learn, what life changes you need to make and how long it will take to accomplish your goals.
Mary explained that when setting realistic goals young adults must determine the necessary steps for completion. She said “To determine if a goal is realistic you must know exactly how a goal would be achieved. Once you have an idea of what it will take, determine whether you are committed enough to follow through.”
She stated that goals must be important to you in order to achieve them. Mary believes that if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. “Consider if the goals you set are reasonable. If you decide your goal is realistic, make a plan, set up a timeline and take action.”
For more information or advice from Mary Adger she can be contacted by email:
After speaking with Mary Adger on realistic goals, research was done to provide young adults with another source that could provide more tips. Sid Savara has an online article titled “Seven Keys For Setting Realistic Goals”. He goes into detail describing how to set realistic goals. His advice is to write your goals down. Be specific, measure actions as well as progress. Start with one goal, schedule in time for your goals and make sure to set goals you actually want to achieve.

According to The Simple System, You are more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down. In 1979 Harvard’s MBA program conducted a survey. They survey showed students who wrote down goals, who did not and students who had no goals. The chart below is a visual of the information from the survey.

Ten years later, according to The Simple System’s website, the same groups of students were interviewed again. 3% of the students who had written down their goals were earning ten times more than the other 97% of their classmates.


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Career Success

/>Career Success

“The Greatest Inspirations” is dedicated to motivating young adults through inspiration. Motivating, when it’s needed the most to assist young adults, as they become successful professionals. This website intends to provide success stories, encouragement and a message solution to those in need of inspirational post along their journeys to mastery. The Greatest Inspirations viewers are encouraged to reach out, receive professional help and become proficient interviewees to advance in their career field.

Young professional adults often experience rough times transitioning from school to work. With a little coaching, taking control over your career can be a lot easier than it may seem. According to David Smith, career success can be made easy. David is the president of Career Success Made Easy, a career services firm that assists with career advancement for those seeking help. His online website is also titled Career Success Made Easy; the website includes many articles that give great advice on how to advance in your area of interest.

After reviewing the site it’s obvious that while transitioning from school to work it’s important to understand that many others are looking for the same jobs you are. David Smith states that the interview process and how you perform is very important. Resume writing, interview coaching, job search strategies, body language signals, vocal presence training and social media profiles were a few of the topics discussed on preparation for the interview process.

Below are tips from The Career Success Made Easy website. These tips can assist in making your very own career a success.

Resume Writing

Your resume is always a first impression and can determine if you get the interview. Resumes must be professionally written and make powerful statements that leap off the page to show case your accomplishments.

Interview Coaching

David Smith said “Demonstrating that you are calm, confident and well organized are important keys to being successful in any interview.” According to his website, the most intimidating part of the interview is being asked questions. Make sure your communication skills are great. Present yourself as competent, personable, and professional. Go over sentence structure and make impact statements to highlight achievements. Master your body language, tone, vocal presence and nonverbal communication.

Job Search Strategies

Located under the job search strategies section on the website are many strategies that can be used as a guide while searching for your dream job. Employees at David Smith’s firm can also assist with finding different strategies if you need help. Below are just a few to help you get started.

Job Search Strategies include:

1. Receiving advice from a human resource expert with more than 15 years of experience

2. Receiving guidance on beating the competition by accessing the hidden job market

3. Presenting yourself professionally online

Body Language Signals

Mr. Smith mentioned that “In the business world, people tend to trust what they see even more than what they hear”. According to the website, body language is more important than what we actually say. When using non-verbal communication, excellent gestures, eye contact, and posture should be used during the interview progress. Body language signals are used to quickly form a first impression.

Vocal Presence Training

Mr. Smith also said “Your success depends not only on what you say at the interview, but the way you say it”. In the interview striking the right tone can make the difference between getting your dream job. According to the article on vocal training, interviews are more likely to be impressed by a candidate who not only gives the best answers and ask questions, but who also sounds articulate, confident and enthusiastic.

Social Media Profiles

Always remember to keep your social media accounts professional. Employers are using social recruiting and checking on-line profiles for employment.

For more detailed information on the interview process or about The Career Success Made Easy program or website, you can contact Mr. Smith by phone: (770) 384-7863 or


The cool infographic above shows what the biggest problem is as well as other issues for some candidates during an interview.


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Inspiring Young Adults

From The Author

“The Greatest Inspirations” will at some point be an inspiration to viewers along their journeys to mastery. Viewers of this site may not always have someone to call and talk to when things are going downhill. This website may be the only source of motivation to keep readers focused and inspired to become successful. The main goal is to motivate young adults through inspiration. The article below shares insight on how young adults can be inspired from an expert’s point of view.

Inspiring Young Adults

Last Saturday, November 14, 2015, Latrice Nelson, a former substitute and current children’s church teacher of ten years sat down with Tiffany Billups, a youth advisor of seven years at Saint Mathews Church in Manning, SC to interview and give advice on motivating young adults through inspiration. They were both asked about previous education and experience in this area. Mrs. Nelson never attended an institution, but received training on motivating youth during her years of teaching. Other experience came from working with young adults over the years in church. Tiffany Billups, has also gained experience in the church.

Both ladies were asked to describe the moment when they finally grasp how to effectively motivate young adults through inspiration, to describe when it all made since. Tiffany Billups stated that for her it was one Wednesday night at church. All the young adults got together and had their weekly meeting. She said that during this meeting all the young people would get together in a huge circle and each person would discuss what’s going on in his or her life. The young people would get to release stress and open up to others who, were also going through situations.

As she stood listening to the young people express themselves something began to click in her mind. She said “ That’s when I realized that it takes knowing what motivates a particular person to get the drive to want to do something in order to inspire them through inspiration. Everyone is not motivated or inspired by the same thing.”

Mrs. Nelson agreed and added that in the classroom is where it hit her. She realized that everyone is different and will be motivated differently, but that the young adults must also be confident in themselves. She mentioned that a young adult could be inspired and motivated and still not have the drive to do because she or he lacks confidence.

Billups was asked to reveal one thing that most people don’t get about this area of content. “Most people don’t understand the attitudes that young adults often have. They are faced with hard times and tough situations that they have to pull through.” She said, people don’t always understand. If they don’t understand, they can’t motivate because they have no clue as to what it takes to inspire. She also stated that people would have to put themselves into the shoes of young adults to understand some things.

Latrice Nelson, who works with young adults in and out of the class, said that in order for someone to understand and do well in this area they have to study the age group, personalities and what the young adults like. “A person has to have patience to work with as well as understand young people.” They both agreed that guiding and directing young adults towards the right path and gaining their trust is most important of all information shared.

When asked what big picture might a person miss if they were to get all caught up in the details around the content Mrs. Nelson said that everyone is on a different level and is motivated differently. “ If you get caught up in the details, a young person may get left behind and never become motivated.”

Seeing youth succeed and the growth as they get older knowing they were trained right is how Tiffany Billups describes the image that comes to her mind when she pictures how all information given fits together. Lastly, Tiffany was asked to give advice to someone to help him or her prepare for the barriers they might run into when applying this content. She simply replied, “I would tell them to keep the faith, have confidence in yourself and training received in this area. Keep your eyes on the prize and love what you do.”

To follow up with Mrs. Nelson and Tiffany Billups, you can contact them @ (803) 433 0046

Below is a cool info graphic, which shows, according to Tami Strang, how some young adults get through their busy days as professionals in their career field.

Photo Credit: Ashley Singletary
Information Credit: Tami Strand/


How Students Stay Motivated in College. (2014, April 28). Retrieved November 18, 2015, from

Cynthia Tindal: “Self-Destructive Behavior”

Cynthia Tindal: Self-Destructive Behavior

At the young age of 12, Cynthia Tindal was under peer pressure to use alcohol and drugs. What started out as just curiosity turned into an addiction. She is from a small town here in South Carolina known as Summerton. Numerous of local people have loved ones out on the streets in this town who are abusing drugs and alcohol. After two interviews and a phone conversation, she was able to give enough information about her life to understand why it’s shattered in a million pieces.

As a little girl she started out on the sneaking level. As she got older she couldn’t stop. Cynthia called her problem a disease. “It’s a disease that can be fatal”. When asked how many years she has been on and off drugs she simply said from 12 years old until now. Her Birthday is March 19, 1962. She is often out on the streets, during the week it’s three or four days at a time before she takes a break. She called this a spree.

She described her addiction as a relief, at the same time knowing that her abuse is affecting her body mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Describing her addiction for the second time as a disease again, she added that its just like any other. She used cancer as an example and said that people with drug and alcohol addictions are no different from cancer patients. “We are sick” is what she said.

After asking her if she could stop using, did she want to stop, how would she stop and lastly why wouldn’t she stop. She said because it’s how I handle stress. “I want to stop and think about it all the time. I just haven’t tried in a while”. She mentioned going back to church and to treatment to get help.

Getting the drugs are pretty easy. Hanging around friends who use alcohol and drugs like she does keep her in the position to always get her hands-on something. Cynthia explained how nervous and jittery she becomes when she can’t get a fix. She can’t focus or concentrate.

Knowing that the alcohol can burn her brain and is messing her up physically, she has to have it. She has been diagnosed with bipolar disease and is very aware that while she is under the influence it intensifies, causing her to become psychotic and out of control. She is not the healthiest person and has quite a few physical problems with her body. However, she feels no pain when smoking weed and drinking alcohol. She calls that feeling “false security”.

When asked if she had children she replied proudly, “Yes, I have two boys”. I asked what was life like for them growing up with a mom who was fighting demons? She paused and finally replied going into details about how hard life was for them. In addition, she gave thanks to God for her parents and family. Also, she indicated that everyone helped with the children. Most times she was always around and could be found, but she wasn’t home like she was supposed to be. As a result, both children are grown and have anger problems today.

Cynthia was sober for almost five years when, her estranged husband who was very sick, came back into her life. He had cancer and died within two years of coming back. She was devastated and turned back to using drugs and drinking alcohol. She has been self-destructing ever since.

Cynthia encourages all those who are not in too deep or just curious to “Don’t Start”. Walk the other way or you will end up like her; trying to find relief in substance abuse at the age of 53. An old woman, on the streets trying to find her next hit.

Having the chance to interview with one of her younger sisters, Theresa. She provided another look into Cynthia’s life. Theresa told how growing up with her sister was confusing and scary as a child. She said watching her sister go through those things and not understand why or what was going on, was crazy. She remembered her sister using at the age of 14. She thinks a classmate introduced her sister to alcohol and drugs.

Theresa said, “ Back then, my family wasn’t accepting her addiction very well. My parents kept her in treatment centers.” I asked Theresa, how does the family handle this situation today? She replied, “Our family has to accept who she is and love her”. Theresa’s advice to those who have loved ones who are self-destructing is to “ never give up on them and keep them in your prayers”.









Recap: “Do Something for Jesus”: Youth Day September 20, 2015

Recap: “Do Something for Jesus”: Youth Day September 20, 2015

Last Sunday, September 20, 2015, the youth at Mt. Zion Chapel Baptist Church in Pawley’s Island had its youth day celebration. The atmosphere was electric. “Do something for Jesus” was the theme for the event. The children of the church were hosting their own youth day. They want to inspire all young people to get involved, stay active and have fun in church. They are doing something for Jesus by spreading the Good NEWS about him through their praise and worship concert.

The event was held in inside the sanctuary at 6:30pm on this past Sunday. About 375 people attended. That’s not including all youth advisors who assisted with wardrobe changes, setting up the stage and music for the event.

After speaking with the children of the church, youth advisors and church members who attended the event I found out how much of an impact this event made on the community. One Youth advisor, Mrs. Dori, spoke about how the youth are trying to inspire others. She also said “Yes, the youth are an inspiration to others, but Youth Day gives them a chance to be recognized along with their parents. Youth Day is a time to recognize the children as leaders and the parents who are making a positive impact in the children’s lives”.


According to members of the church, this event had a goal to inspire, encourage and get the community to “Do Something for Jesus”. The goal was accomplished! The audience reacted excitedly as the children’s concert began. Over 87 youth participated in the mini concert, praise dances and skits. I also spoke with little Isaiah who was, very excited about this event. When asked what he was most excited about, he said “Praise dancing and doing something for Jesus”. Isaiah is only six years old.

Marie, who is the parent of young Isaiah, said “Every year I attend Youth Day because this day is designated to celebrate what God is doing in this ministry. Our children are actively involved in our worship here. This is a fun an exciting time for our church family and community”.

The children were awesome host! Last Sundays event was sponsored by the youth department at the church. The function was well attended. Everyone is looking forward to next year’s Youth Day. Here is what people from the community had to say upon leaving “Great concert” “The children were fantastic” “Looking forward to next year”……

For more information about this event or next year’s celebration you can contact: Mitchell Adger, Pastor @ (803) 473-7399


“How To Apply Eyelash Extensions For A Natural Look”

“How To Apply Eyelash Extensions For A Natural Look”

I would like to encourage all women who are pursuing  their dreams to continue to “do what you love”! Stay motivated and encouraged along your journeys to greatness. While doing so, BE FABULOUS!!

We can all look good in the profession of our choice. Adding eyelashes is one way to enhance our look. Here is How to apply natural looking lashes step-by-step.

Step1. Trim your lashes

Step2. Apply a small amount of adhesive to the top of the strip

Step3. Hold the strip by its ends, line it up with your natural lashes and press it in

Step4. Curl and add mascara to your lashes

I hope this format was very helpful. Below are visuals if you would like to follow step-by-step using pictures. A link is also provided if you are interested in the YouTube video on adding natural lash extensions. For more information you can email me at  I’ll be glad to assist with any questions.



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