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Marquita, a local resident of Sumter South Carolina, sat down in a brief interview to tell her story on what causes her to become stressed. She also talked about coming up with different techniques to reduce her stress level. She is 32 years old and is a single mother of three. She works and attends school full-time. When asked what causes stress for her she said that she becomes stressed with minimum help from her children’s father. Also, mentioning the fact that they don’t live in the same household as their father.

She stated that most of her stress is caused at home, but that she experiences high stress while dealing with personal issues too. Her finances, full-time workload at school and high blood pressure all are included in her personal issues. Out of all the things that cause high stress in her life she mentioned that she could control some. “I can control my blood pressure by taking medicine and watching my sodium intake. I can partially control my personal issues.” Lastly, she stated she could control her finances by spending money wisely.

During the interview, Marquita stated that she loved to attend church and learn about spiritual life. Spending time with her children, doing make-up and traveling is what she enjoys and does the most. “I’m passionate about life because it’s too short. I experience so much death with family members, I’m just happy to wake up every day.”

When asked if she manages her time well she replied, “No, my time management is very bad.” She often wishes for an extra three or four hours a day. Procrastination was the explanation she gave for not managing her time well. Marquita’s techniques to try to handle stress included being by herself and simply taking time to meditate and think.

Too many activities a day is not the problem she explained. “I have a lot of time; I just don’t use it wisely because of minimum help.” She often feels vulnerable to stress. Yes, easy to become stressed when her kids are fighting or when she is tired. She admits to trying to please everyone, which can cause her to be highly stressed. “I always put pressure on me.”

She was asked to explain how she handles stress a second time; she said, “I just read my Bible”.

Darien, Marquita’s oldest son, was asked to describe how he felt his mother handled stress from day to day. He said “She gets really quiet and sometimes she even reads a book”. As Darien described his mother’s stress he also talked about helping out at home and how he tries to assist in every way to help his mom.

After sitting down with Marquita and her son, research was completed on finding ways to handle stress. According to Margarita Tartakovsky, the author of an article titled “>10 Practical Ways to Handle Stress”, Stress is normal and everyone is faced with it at some point. The best thing to do is to “take action”. Here are a few ways that Tartakovsky says stress can be handled:

  1. Figure out where the stress is coming from
  2. Consider what you can control and work on that
  3. Do what you love
  4. Manage your time well
  5. Create a toolbox of techniques
  6. Pick off the negotiable from your plate
  7. Don’t leave yourself extra stress
  8. Preserve good boundaries
  9. Realize there’s a difference between worrying and caring
  10. Embrace mistakes and don’t drown in perfectionism

For more detailed information on how to handle stress you can click here.

Notes From the Author:

We all come from different walks of life. Along our journeys to mastery life can and will throw curve balls. It’s up to us to believe in ourselves, seek help and move on. As our journey shortens we must stay motivated and proactive. “Do what you love”. Stress can be experienced anywhere and everyone has different stress triggers. Identify what is causing the stress, and try to find ways to handle it. If it’s beyond your control let it roll off your back. It’s just another bump in the road.

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