How To Set Realistic Goals

Sunday, December 6, 2015 Mary Adger, the Administrative Service Coordinator for the city of Manning, sat down to discuss realistic goals. Setting goals is how she made her dream come true. She said setting the goals and achieving them is how she became a successful professional. Mary was specifically asked to explain to young adults how to set realistic goals.
Mrs. Adger said, first you must make a decision on exactly what you want and translate that into something you would actually like to accomplish. “Be specific, in order to make that goal specific you need to clarify what you need to do in order to achieve it.” She said do some research. Find out what skills you should learn, what life changes you need to make and how long it will take to accomplish your goals.
Mary explained that when setting realistic goals young adults must determine the necessary steps for completion. She said “To determine if a goal is realistic you must know exactly how a goal would be achieved. Once you have an idea of what it will take, determine whether you are committed enough to follow through.”
She stated that goals must be important to you in order to achieve them. Mary believes that if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. “Consider if the goals you set are reasonable. If you decide your goal is realistic, make a plan, set up a timeline and take action.”
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After speaking with Mary Adger on realistic goals, research was done to provide young adults with another source that could provide more tips. Sid Savara has an online article titled “Seven Keys For Setting Realistic Goals”. He goes into detail describing how to set realistic goals. His advice is to write your goals down. Be specific, measure actions as well as progress. Start with one goal, schedule in time for your goals and make sure to set goals you actually want to achieve.

According to The Simple System, You are more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down. In 1979 Harvard’s MBA program conducted a survey. They survey showed students who wrote down goals, who did not and students who had no goals. The chart below is a visual of the information from the survey.

Ten years later, according to The Simple System’s website, the same groups of students were interviewed again. 3% of the students who had written down their goals were earning ten times more than the other 97% of their classmates.


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