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“The Greatest Inspirations” will at some point be an inspiration to viewers along their journeys to mastery. Viewers of this site may not always have someone to call and talk to when things are going downhill. This website may be the only source of motivation to keep readers focused and inspired to become successful. The main goal is to motivate young adults through inspiration. The article below shares insight on how young adults can be inspired from an expert’s point of view.

Inspiring Young Adults

Last Saturday, November 14, 2015, Latrice Nelson, a former substitute and current children’s church teacher of ten years sat down with Tiffany Billups, a youth advisor of seven years at Saint Mathews Church in Manning, SC to interview and give advice on motivating young adults through inspiration. They were both asked about previous education and experience in this area. Mrs. Nelson never attended an institution, but received training on motivating youth during her years of teaching. Other experience came from working with young adults over the years in church. Tiffany Billups, has also gained experience in the church.

Both ladies were asked to describe the moment when they finally grasp how to effectively motivate young adults through inspiration, to describe when it all made since. Tiffany Billups stated that for her it was one Wednesday night at church. All the young adults got together and had their weekly meeting. She said that during this meeting all the young people would get together in a huge circle and each person would discuss what’s going on in his or her life. The young people would get to release stress and open up to others who, were also going through situations.

As she stood listening to the young people express themselves something began to click in her mind. She said “ That’s when I realized that it takes knowing what motivates a particular person to get the drive to want to do something in order to inspire them through inspiration. Everyone is not motivated or inspired by the same thing.”

Mrs. Nelson agreed and added that in the classroom is where it hit her. She realized that everyone is different and will be motivated differently, but that the young adults must also be confident in themselves. She mentioned that a young adult could be inspired and motivated and still not have the drive to do because she or he lacks confidence.

Billups was asked to reveal one thing that most people don’t get about this area of content. “Most people don’t understand the attitudes that young adults often have. They are faced with hard times and tough situations that they have to pull through.” She said, people don’t always understand. If they don’t understand, they can’t motivate because they have no clue as to what it takes to inspire. She also stated that people would have to put themselves into the shoes of young adults to understand some things.

Latrice Nelson, who works with young adults in and out of the class, said that in order for someone to understand and do well in this area they have to study the age group, personalities and what the young adults like. “A person has to have patience to work with as well as understand young people.” They both agreed that guiding and directing young adults towards the right path and gaining their trust is most important of all information shared.

When asked what big picture might a person miss if they were to get all caught up in the details around the content Mrs. Nelson said that everyone is on a different level and is motivated differently. “ If you get caught up in the details, a young person may get left behind and never become motivated.”

Seeing youth succeed and the growth as they get older knowing they were trained right is how Tiffany Billups describes the image that comes to her mind when she pictures how all information given fits together. Lastly, Tiffany was asked to give advice to someone to help him or her prepare for the barriers they might run into when applying this content. She simply replied, “I would tell them to keep the faith, have confidence in yourself and training received in this area. Keep your eyes on the prize and love what you do.”

To follow up with Mrs. Nelson and Tiffany Billups, you can contact them @ (803) 433 0046

Below is a cool info graphic, which shows, according to Tami Strang, how some young adults get through their busy days as professionals in their career field.

Photo Credit: Ashley Singletary
Information Credit: Tami Strand/


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