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Rev. Linda M., cancer survivor, wants people to know that “There is hope, healing is available and that there is life after cancer.” She was diagnosed in 2012 with Ovarian Cancer. During that time, Linda found comfort in family and friends and one particular thing that her husband said after her diagnosis. He said, “Come on, you’re going to be alright, we’ve fought bigger devils than this.”

Linda said that she didn’t think they ever fought bigger devils, but she didn’t cancel out those faith-filled words her husband spoke. Over the next few weeks she started treatment, she described treatment as a difficult time. While going through treatment she realized that the words her husband and friends spoke were the very words that comforted her during chemotherapy.

Linda said that she never forgot the words of a close friend that said “You’ll need to let others take care of you.” She found comfort in those words. She said “This offered me hope that there would be others to help me, just as I had given my help and support to others before.” Eventually, Rev. Linda had to stop with treatment. She said “Months later, I was forced to stop chemotherapy due to some complications. But, soon after that, an MRI showed I was cancer-free!”

Rev Linda M. stated that she is now on a committee for a 5K race (Athena’s Run) in the North Carolina area. Along with the commitie she helps celebrate cancer survivors, honor patients who die and encourage those who are fighting against gynecological cancers. Linda said that as a survivor, she has to be involved. She said, “I’ve been given the opportunity for life.” She wants to encourage other women to be sensitive to their bodies and to the voice of God. She said, “When you hear the word “cancer,” there can be an immediate kind of depression that occurs that can take us to a place where there is no hope.” Linda wants people to know that “there is hope—healing is available—there is life after cancer.”

According to Maribeth Maney, after cancer treatment, a new road of survivorship lies ahead. She states that many survivors are ready to put their cancer experience behind them, but they worry about the cancer coming back. Maney said that fear and anxiety are normal and that there are things cancer survivors can do to take care of themselves. She gives a list of five steps to live a heathier life after cancer treatment:

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From The Author

“Cancer is only going to be a chapter in my life and not the whole story.”

Joe Wasser

Wasser said it best; cancer is just a chapter in your life. If you’re a cancer patient and you’re not done with treatment yet, you have something to look forward to. That something is Hope. A little piece of hope can make a big difference. Know that you’re only writing a chapter in your book and that this to shall past. If you’re a cancer survivor, you’ve already won the fight against cancer. Overcoming with the mind is winning! There is life after cancer. You have to find your own way to live. Linda used her voice to inform and encourage others because that’s what makes her happy. Live your life; find things that that you like doing. Inspire yourself to keep on living. #DoWhatYouLove #LifeAfterCancerExist #WhatWiLLItTake #Exercise #Encouragement #Counseling #HelpingOthers #WhatEverItIs #FindYourWay

Take the first step towards a better life and get the support you need. The link below provides assistance with finding services that can improve your quality of life.

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