Cancer is a journey, but you walk the road alone. There are many places to stop along the way and get nourishment — you just have to be willing to take it.

Emily Hollenberg

In a recent article, Overcoming the Mental Challenges of Cancer, Heather Fues, Oncology Nurse for Palmetto Toumey Health, Emily, Cancer Information Specialist for The American Cancer Society, Daun Davis, Colon Cancer Survivor, Margaret Wineglass, Adenocarcinoma Survivor, Katrina Mellerson, Breast Cancer Survivor, and Tiffany Collins, daughter of a stomach cancer victim, told how cancer is survivable and controlled with the mind. These women pointed out the mental and emotional challenges of surviving cancer, while having the fear of possible recurrence and guilt knowing that they have survived while other patients like them haven’t. These women told what inspired them to fight, live freely and at what point was it when they realized that they won the fight against cancer.

Javier, Cancer Information specialist for The American Cancer Society’s Hotline, has provided more information on cancer survivorship and how they help in the process of overcoming mentally. During a telephone interview he was asked to give an update on the programs offered by the American Cancer Society and to advise if there were any specific changes in the programs since the last update Emily, CIS provided two months ago.

He said, “ There hasn’t been any recent changes to the programs we currently offer”. Javier stated that everything is still the same at this time but that he would be more than happy to provide more information about the organization and to answer any questions.

Javier was asked to explain how he helps cancer patients, survivors and their families meet the challenges of cancer survivorship. He said, “I answer calls and emails from people with cancer, their family members and friends, and others who have questions about cancer.” He stated that the American Cancer Society’s National Cancer Information Center has developed an extensive database of up to date cancer information. The information provided in the database is what he shares daily with callers.

According to Javier, the database covers many topics and includes information on cancer prevention recommendations, guidelines for detecting cancer early, different cancer types and subtypes, cancer treatment options, their side effects and more.

He also said that he not only helps callers get information but he locates resources and different programs to help patients overcome mentally. Javier said he searches resources within specific areas for support services to see what’s offered in the different communities before directing patients to those support services.

Javier mentioned that the organization’s website includes a list of all programs and services offered along with facts about the American Cancer Society’s Hotline.

The Cancer Society Hotline can be reached at 1-800-227-2345. The help line is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The NCIC provides local information for everyone in the U.S.









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