Cynthia Tindal: “Self-Destructive Behavior”

Cynthia Tindal: Self-Destructive Behavior

At the young age of 12, Cynthia Tindal was under peer pressure to use alcohol and drugs. What started out as just curiosity turned into an addiction. She is from a small town here in South Carolina known as Summerton. Numerous of local people have loved ones out on the streets in this town who are abusing drugs and alcohol. After two interviews and a phone conversation, she was able to give enough information about her life to understand why it’s shattered in a million pieces.

As a little girl she started out on the sneaking level. As she got older she couldn’t stop. Cynthia called her problem a disease. “It’s a disease that can be fatal”. When asked how many years she has been on and off drugs she simply said from 12 years old until now. Her Birthday is March 19, 1962. She is often out on the streets, during the week it’s three or four days at a time before she takes a break. She called this a spree.

She described her addiction as a relief, at the same time knowing that her abuse is affecting her body mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Describing her addiction for the second time as a disease again, she added that its just like any other. She used cancer as an example and said that people with drug and alcohol addictions are no different from cancer patients. “We are sick” is what she said.

After asking her if she could stop using, did she want to stop, how would she stop and lastly why wouldn’t she stop. She said because it’s how I handle stress. “I want to stop and think about it all the time. I just haven’t tried in a while”. She mentioned going back to church and to treatment to get help.

Getting the drugs are pretty easy. Hanging around friends who use alcohol and drugs like she does keep her in the position to always get her hands-on something. Cynthia explained how nervous and jittery she becomes when she can’t get a fix. She can’t focus or concentrate.

Knowing that the alcohol can burn her brain and is messing her up physically, she has to have it. She has been diagnosed with bipolar disease and is very aware that while she is under the influence it intensifies, causing her to become psychotic and out of control. She is not the healthiest person and has quite a few physical problems with her body. However, she feels no pain when smoking weed and drinking alcohol. She calls that feeling “false security”.

When asked if she had children she replied proudly, “Yes, I have two boys”. I asked what was life like for them growing up with a mom who was fighting demons? She paused and finally replied going into details about how hard life was for them. In addition, she gave thanks to God for her parents and family. Also, she indicated that everyone helped with the children. Most times she was always around and could be found, but she wasn’t home like she was supposed to be. As a result, both children are grown and have anger problems today.

Cynthia was sober for almost five years when, her estranged husband who was very sick, came back into her life. He had cancer and died within two years of coming back. She was devastated and turned back to using drugs and drinking alcohol. She has been self-destructing ever since.

Cynthia encourages all those who are not in too deep or just curious to “Don’t Start”. Walk the other way or you will end up like her; trying to find relief in substance abuse at the age of 53. An old woman, on the streets trying to find her next hit.

Having the chance to interview with one of her younger sisters, Theresa. She provided another look into Cynthia’s life. Theresa told how growing up with her sister was confusing and scary as a child. She said watching her sister go through those things and not understand why or what was going on, was crazy. She remembered her sister using at the age of 14. She thinks a classmate introduced her sister to alcohol and drugs.

Theresa said, “ Back then, my family wasn’t accepting her addiction very well. My parents kept her in treatment centers.” I asked Theresa, how does the family handle this situation today? She replied, “Our family has to accept who she is and love her”. Theresa’s advice to those who have loved ones who are self-destructing is to “ never give up on them and keep them in your prayers”.









Recap: “Do Something for Jesus”: Youth Day September 20, 2015

Recap: “Do Something for Jesus”: Youth Day September 20, 2015

Last Sunday, September 20, 2015, the youth at Mt. Zion Chapel Baptist Church in Pawley’s Island had its youth day celebration. The atmosphere was electric. “Do something for Jesus” was the theme for the event. The children of the church were hosting their own youth day. They want to inspire all young people to get involved, stay active and have fun in church. They are doing something for Jesus by spreading the Good NEWS about him through their praise and worship concert.

The event was held in inside the sanctuary at 6:30pm on this past Sunday. About 375 people attended. That’s not including all youth advisors who assisted with wardrobe changes, setting up the stage and music for the event.

After speaking with the children of the church, youth advisors and church members who attended the event I found out how much of an impact this event made on the community. One Youth advisor, Mrs. Dori, spoke about how the youth are trying to inspire others. She also said “Yes, the youth are an inspiration to others, but Youth Day gives them a chance to be recognized along with their parents. Youth Day is a time to recognize the children as leaders and the parents who are making a positive impact in the children’s lives”.


According to members of the church, this event had a goal to inspire, encourage and get the community to “Do Something for Jesus”. The goal was accomplished! The audience reacted excitedly as the children’s concert began. Over 87 youth participated in the mini concert, praise dances and skits. I also spoke with little Isaiah who was, very excited about this event. When asked what he was most excited about, he said “Praise dancing and doing something for Jesus”. Isaiah is only six years old.

Marie, who is the parent of young Isaiah, said “Every year I attend Youth Day because this day is designated to celebrate what God is doing in this ministry. Our children are actively involved in our worship here. This is a fun an exciting time for our church family and community”.

The children were awesome host! Last Sundays event was sponsored by the youth department at the church. The function was well attended. Everyone is looking forward to next year’s Youth Day. Here is what people from the community had to say upon leaving “Great concert” “The children were fantastic” “Looking forward to next year”……

For more information about this event or next year’s celebration you can contact: Mitchell Adger, Pastor @ (803) 473-7399


Midnight In Paris Is Coming To Pink Pizzazz


Sumter, SC, September 13, 2015 – On May 28th, 2016 Eta Zeta Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, will host their largest fundraiser of the year. The Pink Pizzazz Ball! This year’s theme is “Midnight In Paris”. The ball will be held at the Sumter Civic Center. If you are ready for a night to remember this is the place to be! At Pink Pizzazz will be good food, music and door prizes. Get dressed; bring a date and dancing shoes.

The event is from 9PM-1AM, doors open at 8:30. Tickets can be purchased from any sorority member in the Sumter chapter. Tickets can also be purchased early or at the door. Advance tickets are $30, at the door $40.

This event has been a success for the past three years. Every year at the end of the ball people always admit how enjoyable the function was. When asked if they will attend next year they reply “I will see you there”. Others always say, “Loved it, can’t wait to do this again”. The president and director always encourage everyone to come. She always says, “Let’s have a good time”.

If you choose to attend, the attire for this event is formal. You may also want to bring extra money for pictures. A professional photographer will be there to take pictures. For more information you can contact the Chapter president, Soror Altoya Felder Deas @ (803) 934-3200.

For more information about Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. you can visit


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“ Do what you love”! Enjoy life to the fullest along your journey to mastery. Build a professional successful future, but don’t forget to have fun!……. You’re Invited!! How did you enjoy my first “Advance Article”?





“How To Apply Eyelash Extensions For A Natural Look”

“How To Apply Eyelash Extensions For A Natural Look”

I would like to encourage all women who are pursuing  their dreams to continue to “do what you love”! Stay motivated and encouraged along your journeys to greatness. While doing so, BE FABULOUS!!

We can all look good in the profession of our choice. Adding eyelashes is one way to enhance our look. Here is How to apply natural looking lashes step-by-step.

Step1. Trim your lashes

Step2. Apply a small amount of adhesive to the top of the strip

Step3. Hold the strip by its ends, line it up with your natural lashes and press it in

Step4. Curl and add mascara to your lashes

I hope this format was very helpful. Below are visuals if you would like to follow step-by-step using pictures. A link is also provided if you are interested in the YouTube video on adding natural lash extensions. For more information you can email me at  I’ll be glad to assist with any questions.



“How to Apply Flare False Eyelashes for a Natural Look.” YouTube. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Sept. 2015.

“How To Apply False Lashes For A More Natural Look.” Http:// N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Sept. 2015.

Growing Up Among Autism: Autism Speaks

Growing Up Among Autism: Autism Speaks

Last Friday Adrienne Kelly opened up in an interview about growing up among autism. Her story was so unique because it’s close to home. Kelly currently lives in Sumter, SC. Yes, she is a local resident. She agreed to tell her story because she really felt like young adults especially, as well as others should get informed about this disease so they are prepared, and know how to handle situations including individuals with this disability. Kelly said that if people were informed they would treat human beings like her son, with respect. She would also like to encourage those who are affected by autism to find something to do. “Whether you are the person or you have a loved one with the disability.” She wants everyone to know that they can achieve!

Adrienne Kelly’s 24-year-old son was diagnosed with autism at the age of one. He was taken to the doctor for a well child visit where he was first diagnosed with cataracts. Doctors informed his mom that cataracts were often seen in older people. He was taken back for more test and doctors eventually told her that he was suffering from autism. They ran multiple test and finally told her that he would never be like a normal child.

Asking Kelly questions was easy, she didn’t mind speaking up about her son. When asked what was it like growing up in the home, she said it wasn’t too hard. She had to treat little Prince the same way she treated her other two children. In a single parent home she spoke about patience and how that was the key to taking care of her baby boy. Prince couldn’t walk on his own until he was about three years old, he wouldn’t speak or try to mumble words that a child that age would normally do. The basic needs at that age were no problem. She had done that stuff with her other children. It wasn’t until he got older when things changed.

Teaching him how to care for his self was challenging. It wasn’t as easy teaching him how to wash. It took time, but he eventually got it. Kelly said being a single parent and not always having someone to look after her son, she had to tech him what to do. She had to work! It took time, but it was doable! She made that clear. She said he knew how to lock and unlock the house door just in case he got home from school and she wasn’t there. He could microwave his food and use the bathroom and all basic things needed to take care of his self until she got home. She mentioned that his autism didn’t stop him from learning how to do things; his learning ability was just slower than the average child.

Kelly was also asked about his personality and what it was like for her son in school. She said, “ My son was always and still is a happy person. He had times when he would act out. Mostly whenever he was around large crowds. He also knew when he was being picked on.” On his way to school one morning another small boy was picking at him. He took his hat and wouldn’t give back. Prince reacted by hitting him.

Prince attended most of his school days in New York City. He was in a class where he was taught individually. It wasn’t until after he got in school that he could talk. He was able to take speech classes and learn sign language. He was separated from other students who didn’t have a disability when it was time for lunch. However, like most people he had rules to follow. He even had daily chores.

Adrienne Kelly made it clear that her son in her eyes was not mentally retarded. She said that’s how his doctors and most people identified him. “ My son is not mentally retarded, he is pretty intelligent. He can have a full conversation with anyone, he may not be able to read, write or ride a bike like most young adults at his age, but he can do great things. Prince received his high school diploma and never missed a day from school. My son can swim, ice skate and knows all about personal hygiene.”

During the interview we discussed many reasons why people should get informed about autism and how to deal with it in the home. When asked if she had any advice for other parents or disabled people suffering from autism she said, “patience is the key, it’s a lot of work, but if I can do it, anyone can.”