Recap: “Do Something for Jesus”: Youth Day September 20, 2015

Last Sunday, September 20, 2015, the youth at Mt. Zion Chapel Baptist Church in Pawley’s Island had its youth day celebration. The atmosphere was electric. “Do something for Jesus” was the theme for the event. The children of the church were hosting their own youth day. They want to inspire all young people to get involved, stay active and have fun in church. They are doing something for Jesus by spreading the Good NEWS about him through their praise and worship concert.

The event was held in inside the sanctuary at 6:30pm on this past Sunday. About 375 people attended. That’s not including all youth advisors who assisted with wardrobe changes, setting up the stage and music for the event.

After speaking with the children of the church, youth advisors and church members who attended the event I found out how much of an impact this event made on the community. One Youth advisor, Mrs. Dori, spoke about how the youth are trying to inspire others. She also said “Yes, the youth are an inspiration to others, but Youth Day gives them a chance to be recognized along with their parents. Youth Day is a time to recognize the children as leaders and the parents who are making a positive impact in the children’s lives”.


According to members of the church, this event had a goal to inspire, encourage and get the community to “Do Something for Jesus”. The goal was accomplished! The audience reacted excitedly as the children’s concert began. Over 87 youth participated in the mini concert, praise dances and skits. I also spoke with little Isaiah who was, very excited about this event. When asked what he was most excited about, he said “Praise dancing and doing something for Jesus”. Isaiah is only six years old.

Marie, who is the parent of young Isaiah, said “Every year I attend Youth Day because this day is designated to celebrate what God is doing in this ministry. Our children are actively involved in our worship here. This is a fun an exciting time for our church family and community”.

The children were awesome host! Last Sundays event was sponsored by the youth department at the church. The function was well attended. Everyone is looking forward to next year’s Youth Day. Here is what people from the community had to say upon leaving “Great concert” “The children were fantastic” “Looking forward to next year”……

For more information about this event or next year’s celebration you can contact: Mitchell Adger, Pastor @ (803) 473-7399


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