Cynthia Tindal: “Self Destructive Behavior” Part 2 from Ashley Singletary on Vimeo.

Last year, September 2015, Cynthia Tindal, a local resident of Summerton, South Carolina discussed her Self Destructive Behavior and how it’s caused her so much suffering and pain during her life. She spoke about her journey to drug and alcohol abuse and how her addiction started out as curiosity but quickly turned into self-destruction. Cynthia also mentioned her previous treatment process, how she would start, become clean for months and stop.

It’s almost six months later and Cynthia is ready to tell part two of “Self-Destructive Behavior”. This time she is the narrator and storyteller, she tells all in the above audio. Since her last interview, she stated that she made many attempts to stop her addictions and stay clean but has not been able to do so. “I tried but people kept coming and I couldn’t say no”.

While telling her story she said, “I have good and bad days, this seems to be one of my bad days”. Cynthia mentioned that she is still in the struggle but will continue to try and do better. Mrs. Tindal continuously expressed how she wanted to stop the drugs and alcohol but wasn’t strong enough to quit.

According to Mrs. Tindal, she is back on her heart medication and will be entering treatment again with hopes of becoming completely clean from her addictions. She discussed her feelings about death, leaving behind nothing and facing her fears. In closing she said “ I wish recovery on everybody”.

Alcoholism is a growing problem worldwide, some medical professionals believe that it’s a disease. Others believe that alcoholism is self-abusive behavior that result from psychological causes. In a recent survey of US Physicians, 20% thought that alcohol was a disease and 55% believed that there is no cure for alcoholism.

According to, drug use is a global phenomenon, effecting individuals from every ethnic and socio-economic status. They stated that there is no sure-fire way to avoid addiction to drugs without practicing abstinence.

Physicians Health Services, out of Massachusetts, believes if you face your addiction you can overcome it.

From The Author

In our everyday lives we struggle with addictions and issues. That’s life, no need to give up! No matter how many times you fail or fall short keep going. Face your addictions, over come, keep working and be successful. Follow your dreams and do what you love! Like Mrs. Cynthia, try to find relief in positive things. Always remember that succeeding is your biggest goal.

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