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Sebrena Wells, a 911 Shift Supervisor has been dispatching for Clarendon County Emergency Services for 13 years. In a recent interview she stated that she started as a telecommunications officer back in 2003 and became supervisor in 2007. She has an Associates of Arts Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Service Management and a Master of Science Degree in Public Safety specializing in Emergency Management.

On March 19, 2016 Sebrina gave tips on how to succeed in the work place. She was able to give tips on success by providing information as an experienced supervisor. In the above audio she mentioned just a few but had a lot of information on success in the work place. Topics that she elaborated on included, sticking to your work schedule, following the rules while at work, displaying positive attitudes, dressing appropriately and professionalism.

Latrice nelson, also a 911 dispatcher has been working for Clarendon County Emergency Services for two years. According to Nelson, she assists with on the job training and is a senior dispatcher. Latrice said that succeeding in the work place consist of time management, goal setting and leadership skills. While explaining why these elements are important she said “In 911 communications my co-workers and I work 12 hour shifts. We have a lot of work to complete while answering the  radio and dispatching officers.” She stated that in any work environment planning and having control over the amount of time spent on different activities is effective in managing your time.

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