The Sumter Comic Arts Symposium 2016 from Ashley Singletary on Vimeo.

Sumter County Cultural Commission along with USC Sumter and Sumter Shaw Comican presented The Sumter Comic Arts Symposium 2016 this weekend. On Friday, March 4th, the event was held at USC Sumter in the Arts and Letters Hall from 2-3pm. Saturday, March 5, the function was held at the Patriot Hall Auditorium. Activities for adults and children lasted all day. Doors opened at 10am and closed around 6pm.

The comic art symposium was a conference where artist, venders, and the local community joined together for lectures presentations and activities pertaining to comic arts. According to, The Sumter County Cultural Commission strives to engage community members of all ages in the creation, contemplation, and appreciation of visual arts.

The Sumter Item, a local newspaper reported that due to the success of the first comic arts symposium sponsors were able to expand offers for this year. This year’s event was bigger than last year and was filled with creators who work in comics and graphic novels.

Among the comic book artist and writers was Roy Thomas, Erica Henderson, Chris Schweizer, Kyle Starks and Cody Hanes. The video above captures footage from Saturday’s event at Patriot Hall. Included in the video are different artist and members of the community. Cody Hanes, the artist who is drawing a comic like image of a young girl is an artist who lives and works in the Myrtle Beach area. He is a freelancer and is available upon request. He co-owns and operates the company Carolina Caricatures. For more information on or to contact this artist click here.

If you’re a collector of original comic art, or an aspiring comic artist, according to The City of Sumter, you can contact Carmela Bryan at Patriot Hall to have your work included in the “Infinite Canvas” exhibition at (803) 436-2260.

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