Has there ever been a time when your car windshield was dirty and filled with bugs and no cleaning supplies were available?


Coke can do a quick job of tearing through thick layers of insects, grime, and crap. It’s a dirty job, but it works.

Keonta Cobbs, father of two, states that he’s been using Coke as a cleaning supply for a while now. “I’m always traveling with my boys and don’t have time to stop and wash my car or go through a car wash”. Keonta said, it’s easier to just shake up a can and pour onto his windshield. He mentioned that when he pours the soda on the windshield it removes the bugs and dirt in no time, but that he has to pour water on the windshield afterwards to keep it from being sticky. “Most of the time I pour soda onto a cloth and wipe the windshield and finish up with a wet cloth to remove the soda”. He said that it’s quicker to use the windshield wipers to clean the window, but doing so could mess up the paint job on a vehicle.

Mr. Cobbs isn’t the only one using soda as a cleaning product. Nick Davis published an article on ehow.com about homemade windshield bug remover. He talked about three different formulas and one of them was Coca-Cola. His instructions for applying the soda to the windshield were similar to Keonta’s. For cleaning up the soda he said, “Wash the windshield with ½ cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water. Rinse the windshield with clean water then dry the window with paper towels”.

Cleaning with a can of Coke may be the next best thing to cleaning supplies. Don’t forget to try it!


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