“I know, that I know, that I know, that God has kept watch over me through the years” she said.

She is Daun Davis, colon cancer survivor of 14 years. Daun said that through most of her childhood and young adult years, she has gone through trials, like most kids do. Back in 1999 she had a mild stroke. She lost use of her left arm and could not see out of her left eye. She was given medication to reverse the effects and she had surgery to clean out a carotid artery in her neck. She now has a long scar on her neck from the surgery, but all of her body functions have been 99.9% restored. Daun was 44 years old at this time, not overweight, had no high blood pressure and no others symptoms for strokes. She was able to return to work full-time and eventually moved from Baltimore, MD to South Carolina. She said, “God restored me!”

The 20th of June 2002 Daun was scheduled for a normal check up with her family doctor. She said, “During my visit, my doctor asked if I had any questions or concerns. I said I had none, other than I was eating huge amounts of ice.” Davis stated that she was having a strange craving for ice and not just any old kind, she had a particular type that she would eat. She ate the shaven kind, the small clumps of ice like the ice they sell at Sonic. “I was buying it by the bag like it was my treat.”

Daun stated that her doctor wanted to run some test to determine if she had an iron deficiency. The test results showed blood where it should not have been. She was then scheduled to take a colonoscopy. “They removed some polyps and found cancer on my colon. I was stage four.” Davis was then scheduled on the 5th of July to have surgery to try to remove the cancerous sections. “Everything was happening so fast.”

Surgery was a success, doctors were able to remove the cancerous sections and put her colon back together. She did not have to wear a colostomy bag. During surgery, however, doctors saw some spots on her liver and recommended that she have chemotherapy for three months. “I saw an oncologist who was very bleak. He couldn’t really look me in the eye during my visits. He looked sad when he would talk to me.” After treatment, Daun was scheduled to have a CAT scan to make sure that the spots they saw, which they could not conclude was cancer, did not change. She stated that her doctors were baffled when they got the results. Daun said that they could not explain why she was doing so well. “I KNEW IT WAS BECAUSE OF GOD. He heard my cry and interceded on my behalf! He spoke to me and told me that there was more work for me to do!”


Daun was able to take chemo treatments, rest for a day and return to work the next. She said, “The day of treatment, I was wiped out.” She was told that her medicine could cause nausea and hair loss. Her hair never fell out and she didn’t experience any nausea until the end of treatment. “God was with me all around this whole situation.” When Daun finished treatment she was extremely happy. She said that she was dancing in the office and was happy to get out of there.

When asked how she overcame cancer mentally she replied “My faith in God.” She said she was never going to give up. That she would have fought until her very last breath. She mentioned that walking, exercising when she could, encouragement from family and friends and joining a cancer support group also helped her overcome cancer mentally.

Daun would like to encourage cancer patients and survivors to stay positive and never give up. To have your family talk to each other about their health issues so that they will know their history. She said, “We all know our family tree, but talk about your HEALTH TREE. Don’t be ASHAMED!”

“I’m a survivor of 14 years! I praise God for his grace!”

From The Author

When Daun was diagnosed with cancer she said that the initial shock and trying to digest everything was difficult. Her desire was to grow older to see her children grown and on their own. She wanted to see her grandchildren too, but wasn’t sure if it was possible with stage four cancer. She became a survivor in 2002. It’s now 2016. She was able to see her children and grandchildren grow up. She is proof that cancer is beatable mentally and physically. Before the cancer was removed from her body, and before she even finished treatment she had already won the fight against colon cancer.

“Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul.”


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